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or, I Turned My Autobiography Into a Fictional Second-Person Surreal Coming-Out-Of-Age Dramedy and Now My Life Is Happier

a short interactive by animal phase.

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Into is proudly a part of these exhibitions:

Official Selection, Different Games 2016 arcade

“Best Humanities”, Indie Bits 2016

“values the intimate and specific […] the blithe self-assured profundity of young people who believe they are the first people to ever discover a concept […] feels like a game that once met Wes Anderson at a party and liked his shirt”
~ Eve Golden Woods, Women Write About Comics

“I felt like it was saying, “this is good, but it's scary, so it's ok to go slow.””
~ Robert Yang, Radiator Blog

“a person isn’t just what people see on the surface.”
~ Calum Fraser, Free Game Planet

“filled with the images we flick through in our mind as we piece together what to say.”
~ Chris Priestman, Kill Screen